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Marijuana testing in the workplace

With states from the East Coast to the West Coast passing legislation pertaining to urine testing of employees for marijuana it seems timely to discuss  the diverse testing methods available. This awareness can help companies maintain a drug free workplace that includes marijuana instead of reactively removing it from your company's list of tested drugs....
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Law Enforcement Trying Out Marijuana Breathalyzers As Well As Drug Detecting Saliva Devices

As mentioned in earlier article in 2018 law enforcement in many states have started conducting trials with breathalyzers designed to detect levels of marijuana in a persons system potentially indicating impairment similar to an alcohol breathalyzer. These instances have been taking place all over the country for the last year or more. Just recently the...
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Recent FDA Approval For Marijuana Extract Epidiolex

Epidiolex is a new FDA approved drug is a safe and reliable treatment for parents searching for drugs to combat epilepsy. After passing clinical trials this purified marijuana extract can safely given to children instead of using unregulated products that may contain numerous unidentified substances including high levels of the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana,...
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Final Ruling for National Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse for Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers

The final rule requires motor carriers, medical review officers, third-party administrators, and substance abuse professionals to report information about drivers who:
  • Test positive for drugs or alcohol;
  • Refuse drug and alcohol testing; and
  • Undergo the return-to-duty drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.
Additionally, motor carriers will be required to annually search the clearinghouse for current employees, and...
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