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Medical Marijuana and How Employers Handle Card Holders in the Workplace

Medical Marijuana authorized cardholders are becoming more prevalent  across the nation as more states recognize medical marijuana laws. Even more difficult is to advise a one-size-fits-all workplace policy since each state has varying laws and rules on accommodating employees. Colorado in 2015 had a high profile case go to the Colorado Supreme Court which found...
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Drug Positivity in U.S. Workforce Rises to Highest Level in a Decade

The recently released data compiled by Quest Diagnostics confirms disturbing trends that have been touched upon in the news and by law enforcement. These trends obviously are affecting the workplace as the Drug Testing Index (DTI) compiles finding from nearly 11 million workplace drug test results. Multiple social media sources have reported these findings but...
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Saliva Testing More Reliable Than Urine Testing for Detecting Recent Drug Use

When it comes to workplace impairment and law enforcement impairment we see some similarities and differences. Law enforcement needs methods to detecting impairment with drugs and alcohol to maintain a level of safety for society. This has become more common concerning drug use as recreational marijuana has been legalized in many states. Their processes involve...
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