Law Enforcement Trying Out Marijuana Breathalyzers As Well As Drug Detecting Saliva Devices

As mentioned in earlier article in 2018 law enforcement in many states have started conducting trials with breathalyzers designed to detect levels of marijuana in a persons system potentially indicating impairment similar to an alcohol breathalyzer. These instances have been taking place all over the country for the last year or more. Just recently the Michigan State Police finished a year long pilot program for roadside drug testing using a saliva device. Both methods are trying to help law enforcement provide a quick accurate tool in determining suspects impairment when it comes to drugs. These devices are currently being used as a tool to support the officers who are already trained as 'Drug Recognition Experts' (DREs) which they utilize 12 steps in their analysis of a person's impairment. Even with both of these tools it is still necessary to obtain a blood test of the suspect in cases when charges are being filed. The final MST report will be released in February 2019.

All law enforcement trials potentially help employee workplace testing develop more efficient testing methods which could possibly be used in the future.

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