Marijuana testing in the workplace

With states from the East Coast to the West Coast passing legislation pertaining to urine testing of employees for marijuana it seems timely to discuss  the diverse testing methods available. This awareness can help companies maintain a drug free workplace that includes marijuana instead of reactively removing it from your company's list of tested drugs. There are methods of testing that can assist companies if they are looking for additional details than possibly the traditional drug testing can provide.

Oral Fluid is an efficient testing method which can shorten the detection window compared to traditional urine testing. It limits drug usage to the past 1-2 days rather than many days with urine testing. It is key to understand the lab oral fluid testing is much more accurate than instant saliva kits. So to capture the most recent usage of drugs of abuse we should look to oral fluid lab processing. This testing can be included in protocols at this current time and especially to continue including marijuana in a companies drug free workplace

New technology has been discussed for quite some time that could provide a breath sample for other drugs besides alcohol. This need has been accelerated as marijuana is treated by more states as a recreational drug and forcing employers to adapt their drug testing policies. In 2023 it appears that devices will become available to provide this testing that will give a level of current impairment similar to blood alcohol levels.

As employers wait for technology to catch up with state laws Minert & Associates is here to assist in remaining informed of state laws. New York and New Jersey have been the first states with employer rules when testing marijuana. Western states have also been moving that direction with California and Washington implementing changes in 2024. The National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association posted an article that summarized well the changes in California. 

Minert & Associates is highly skilled in adapting company policies to adjust for any state laws that may affect a companies testing protocols. The landscape is always changing and impossible for companies to travel on their own. Contact Minert today to review your company's drug testing program. We look forward to working with you.

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