Drug Testing

Minert & Associates, Inc offers a variety of services that can save your company time and money in the process of coordinating your company’s substance abuse testing program. We work hard to set ourselves apart from our other drug testing services by offering innovative solutions to our clients. Regardless of your needs we can design our drug testing service to best fit your organization. For example:

Random Drug Testing Program:

Many drug testing services severely limit the methods in which an organizations random selection program can be run. For example, clients have the option of having selections conducted quarterly or monthly with the names of individuals being selected regardless of the nature of the organization. Minert & Associates, Inc offers clients an extremely expanded set of drug testing service options. for example:

We can run your selections by job site, store, ship, branch, or position. What this means is that instead of submitting a list of employees subject to random testing and having us send you a list of names of those selected, we can instead make picks by groups. For instance, a construction company that has work going at 20 different sites. instead of having picks spread out among all the different sites, we can actually pick a job site for testing. We then schedule a date and send out an on-site collector to conduct the testing. Anyone that shows up for work on the day of testing is random tested. This process meets DOT regulations because the job site is selected randomly by a scientifically valid, computer-generated random selection process where all employees have an equal chance of being selected. The same process can be followed with a company that has multiple stores, ships, or even by job description.

We can also vary the months in which our clients receive selections. Some organization work on a seasonal basis and only need selections during certain months of the year. We can set your selection program consistent with the needs of your organization.