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Marijuana testing in the workplace

With states from the East Coast to the West Coast passing legislation pertaining to urine testing of employees for marijuana it seems timely to discuss  the diverse testing methods available. This awareness can help companies maintain a drug free workplace that includes marijuana instead of reactively removing it from your company's list of tested drugs....
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2023 Annual Supervisor Training Sessions

Minert has just released the 2023 schedule for the annual supervisor training sessions. 2023-supervisor-training-conference This class fulfills the DOT requirement found in CFR 382.603 that a supervisor receive training before they can require an employee to be tested for reasonable suspicion. Objectives are: -Describe the regulations that apply to reasonable suspicion testing, including the alcohol and drug prohibitions. -Identify...
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Marijuana Impaired Driving Enforcement Proves Difficult

Some great statements regarding marijuana impairment and how it metabolizes in a recent article “Technically, is it possible to measure THC in breath? Yes,” said Barry Sample, a board-certified toxicologist, senior director of science and technology for New Jersey-based Quest Diagnostics and manager of the lab’s employer drug testing division. “There’s been some early work...
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