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Employer Policies Concerning Outside the Workplace Marijuana Use

Employers located in states that have passed laws restricting marijuana testing, specifically THC Delta-9, have needed to evaluate how they test for THC and which employees they test for THC. The key points to decipher are- Is my state making a law on what testing reasons can be covered or are they more concerned with...
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Washington & California Laws Regarding Urine Testing

Recently Washington joined California with state legislation governing urine testing for marijuana (THC the metabolite that shows on a drug test). California enacts their law January 2024 prohibiting urine testing for THC for pre-employment and random testing. Washington, starting January 2024, chose to only ban THC in urine testing for pre-employment. This is...
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Yakama Nation won’t recognize legal marijuana

Great article that the Yakama Nation won't allow growing marijuana on their land. They reference the federal law that many people choose to ignore that marijuana is still and federal illegal drug. Their stance towards protecting their people from drug and alcohol abuse is also evident by their 150 year ban on alcohol. Even though...
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