Recreational Marijuana Passes in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada but Fails in Arizona.

Well the 2016 presidential election just concluded but many citizens were more focused on individual state legalization regarding marijuana. Arizona voters decided in a 52% majority vote Tuesday to not allow recreational marijuana. The measure needed 52% in favor to pass Proposition 205. California has legal medical marijuana laws in place since 1996 so the population had access to marijuana for many years. As all medical marijuana states can affirm the prescription program is not a perfect solution. Some California medical patients were identified in news pieces being shown in the news by hidden cameras leaving medical dispensaries and immediately selling their prescription marijuana to others, commonly underage teens. The medical marijuana programs aren't effective as states realize the demand is still there and tax revenue is substantial with recreational marijuana sales. Annual figures typically range in the billions in sales that translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in state revenue. As many ballot initiates are led by out of state pro marijuana money there are also anti-marijuana big money backers that are helping communities fund campaigns against the marijuana industry like Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas casino magnate. Maine will probably tip in the pro marijuana direction when all the votes are counted. Many see this election as the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition. Then again states like Arizona might be the model that other states look to for a way to defeat such measures.

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