CBD in Golf

CBD is becoming a common product used by many golfers. As described in this recent ESPN article, cannabidiol (CBD) is being used by golfers for sleep, recovery, anxiety and inflammation. The increased popularity had been attributed to the aging golfers that are looking for tools to continue competing at a high level.

With many CBD companies and products players and the public should be aware that the industry is not regulated and THC levels can vary. The ingredients listed on the product labels can also be inaccurate and large amount of research should be conducted on the manufacturer. A person is basically trusting that the levels indicated are accurate. The THC levels will result in how much impairment a person feels and possible positive drug test results. Just because a product labels itself as a 'hemp' product does not guarantee that the THC levels will be low. Even the description of a 'low' level of THC is subjective. A persons metabolism and body type will play a factor if one person reaches a certain THC level and another person does not. There is a possibility that a product taken orally will show a THC no matter how low of a level indicated.

For more information on CBD and how it relates to drug testing as an employer or employee please reach out to Minert & Associates.

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