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Custody & Positive Drug Test Results

In a rare case of a mother losing custody of her child for a drug test result we are reminded of the importance of following strict procedures. Companies have an enormous responsibility to follow their drug testing program protocol and process each test result under the consultation with Medical Review Officer (MRO). This goes for...
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Thoughts about celebrity pot endorsements and pop culture

Monti Stiles’  summary of the celebrity campaign on marijuana is a great write-up and captures many of the similarities of the marijuana and tobacco industries. There is a lot of truth behind the idea of tackling these problems head on and  instilling urgency. This counsel might be the key behind stopping marijuana usage especially in...
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More on Dabbing

Dabbing is a term used for when marijuana can be concentrated to increase the THC levels. Butane hash oil, produced by “blasting” butane through top-quality marijuana, then “purging” away the butane, looks a bit like beeswax and allegedly boosts THC content to a mind-blowing 70 to 90 per cent. Potent levels today max out around...

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