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Medical Marijuana and How Employers Handle Card Holders in the Workplace

Medical Marijuana authorized cardholders are becoming more prevalent  across the nation as more states recognize medical marijuana laws. Even more difficult is to advise a one-size-fits-all workplace policy since each state has varying laws and rules on accommodating employees. Colorado in 2015 had a high profile case go to the Colorado Supreme Court which found...
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Rule to build database of truckers who have failed drug tests set for publication

The CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse has cleared the final hurdle to establish a database of CDL holders who have failed or refused to take a drug test. Its estimated that the final rule and the exact text should appear in the November 23rd issue of the Federal Register. Drug testing consortium services for...
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Recreational Marijuana Passes in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada but Fails in Arizona.

Well the 2016 presidential election just concluded but many citizens were more focused on individual state legalization regarding marijuana. Arizona voters decided in a 52% majority vote Tuesday to not allow recreational marijuana. The measure needed 52% in favor to pass Proposition 205. California has legal medical marijuana laws in place since 1996 so the...
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