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More on Dabbing

Dabbing is a term used for when marijuana can be concentrated to increase the THC levels. Butane hash oil, produced by “blasting” butane through top-quality marijuana, then “purging” away the butane, looks a bit like beeswax and allegedly boosts THC content to a mind-blowing 70 to 90 per cent. Potent levels today max out around...

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Alcohol and Drug Testing

Alcohol biomarkers are used in monitoring alcohol usage. The most common is breath alcohol testing which is done for Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing requirements. Companies can also implement alcohol testing in their Non-DOT drug testing policy. Alcohol can be added to drug testing in random selection, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing.   One...
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Mandatory DOT Drug Testing Not Only Safety Measure for DOT

DOT TruckMandatory DOT drug testing is not the only way that the Department of Transportation tries to make the trucking industry safer. Drivers are only allowed to drive a certain amount of hours each day. Now guidelines will go into effect that lowers that...
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